Website Production

Number of Pages Photo shoots for website (Includes insertion to Website)
Up to 5 pages $390 Up to 10 items $100
Additional Page $50 Up to 20 items $180
Monthly Maintenance Fee (First 12 mth free) $9 Additional 10 items $50

Video Shoots (Restaurant/shop product video, promotional video)

Recording Time Audio Recording Performance Video Recording
 (Without separate Mic)
Audio/Video Combined Recording
(With Separate Mics)
< 30 Minutes $150 $150 $225
Up to an Hour $190 $190 $285
Additional Hourly Charge $50 $50 $75

Premium Special Edited Videos

Promotional Videos, Product Advertisement Videos for Stores/Shops/Restaurants/Cafeteria Classical Music Video (Per 5 Minutes) Pre-Wedding, Reception Video Editing
30 seconds $150 $250 for the first 5 minutes $100 for additional 5 minutes $150
60 seconds $250
Additional 30 seconds $80

* Audio Recording: Using condenser microphones using separate recording channels, available up to 4 microphone settings. All sound recorded as digital signal with high quality audio format
* Additional charges will apply if more than 2 condenser microphones are required for recording (Above rate covers up to 2 condenser microphone settings)
Videos will be taken with up to two FULL HD video devices. Premium Videos (Music Videos/Promotional Videos) include post processing with colour grading, text inputs and burning to media devices

For Booking Inquiries please email below