One stop solution for your business/music career

Not everyone can afford thousands of dollars to create websites, take music videos and record CD quality audio. Our aim is to provide a quality solution with low price so that business/individuals can start promoting with small budget. This is only possible as we provide all solutions at one place.

1. Web Solution - Provides you with a dedicated website

  • Neat, simple and nice looking full featured websites starting from $390

2. Video/Photo - Promotional Video/Photos

  • Video Shoots - Music Video Style For Musicians / Promotional Video for businesses. (Performance Video, Restaurant/Cafeteria Video)
  • Product Photo shoots (Restaurant food menu, cafeteria drink menu)
  • Pre-Wedding Video Editing (Send us the video/photo then we'll edit and provide you with a video file which can be played on the venue and also uploaded to youtube)

3. Audio/Production - Recording solution for music students/performers

All of the above are done simultaneously providing faster results and flexibility to enhance your exposure to public

We are based in Sydney NSW Australia